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    I have a disk (formatted as OS X Extended (Journaled) which contains my Time Machine sparse bundle, attached to a new AEBS (the tall one). I can see the AEBS in the Finder sidebar and I can see all of the disks attached to my powdered USB hub when I click on it.

    If I go into the Airport Utility, click Edit on the AEBS and look at the Disks tab, all of the drives attached to the hub are there except for the disk which contains the sparse bundle. Is this normal?

    I ask because I have been getting a sporadic error saying my Time Machine backup name has changed and it gives me the option to either use the disk (which causes it to start a new backup) or Do Not Backup. If I choose, Do Not Backup, the error closes, then I can go up to the TM icon on my upper menu bar, click on it, tell it to Back Up Now and it backs up just fine.

    So in trying to figure out the problem and fix it, I read an article that has you set up your TM drive using Airport Utility and click on Enable Sharing. But I can't do that if the drive doesn't show up.

    Update: Well, I did figure out one thing, and I feel pretty dumb, the Disk tab in Airport Utilities scrolls. So I can see all of the USB drives attached to the AEBS. Still occasionally getting the TM error. Seems like the AEBS is not immediately seeing the TM drive when a backup starts.
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    Just for anyone else that might have the issue described above
    Just for anyone else that might see a similar issue...I have traced it down to my USB HDD (attached through a powered hub to the AEBS). Evidently it goes to sleep and does not wake up fast enough for Time Machine to see it. At least that is my take on the situation. After installing a small app that keeps my drive spinning, I have not had the error.

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