Time Machine and CCC backup on same drive?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gumbyx84, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Dec 7, 2008
    I recently got my system back up and running after a OS failure (couldn't boot into OS after reinstalling Snow Leopard, per the recommendation of an Apple Genius). I plan on doing a CCC backup once a month (maybe ever other), but would like to keep a TM backup so I can easily grab my files if I need them (ex. Firefox crashes and I lose all my open tabs). Can a TM and CCC backup co-exist on the same drive? I know this probably isn't a good idea, but ATM all I have is a 500GB Firewire 800 external. I plan on getting another one for CCC backups, but I'm short on cash and cannot afford it right now.
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    "Between the Hedges"
    I have both on my 1TB drive with separate partitions
    Simple and easy to do

    I clone every night
    I always have TM and a current bootable clone
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    I don't know if partitioning the drive would work for me as the drive to be backed up is 250GB. That would leave >240 for the TM backup which can cause problem. Then again, I'll have that problem either way unless I do a compressed disk image backup. Anyone know if the disk image created by CCC is compressed?

    When I get a new drive, I will probably partition it as you mentioned (250GB for Bootable backup, rest for TM).
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    I keep mine on different HD's. I suffered a HD crash on my last computer and decided that "it may happen to me again". So I have TM on one external drive and run Super Duper on a second external hard drive that is partitioned. If any of my drives crash for what ever reason, I "should" have it covered this time.

    If you have a lap top and you travel a lot. I think the small (OWC, off the top of my head) external hard drives are cheap, good quality and very portable. So you can have CCC or Super Duper on the drive that it is bootable, and a system clone with you all the time, with the second drive at home with the TM on it. But you can have both CCC and TM on one external hard drive, if you choose to. It depends on what makes you feel ok about your back up strategy.
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    I see the benefit of TM backups with the dated differences, but you can do this essentially with CCC until you get another HDD for both to run.

    Do a full clone in CCC, then change it to do Incremental backups and select the entire source drive. Schedule it for as often as you like, and uncheck the option to delete files that don't exist on the source.

    This basically tells CCC that you may delete it from your source drive, but you want to keep that data in backup (just in case). Once you get the new drive you can setup the CCC full clones on one, and TM on the other.

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