Time machine and LaCie Intego on the same iMac?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by billcosta, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Aug 7, 2013
    I am planning to run a Time Machine backup on a LaCie external drive.
    At the same time (they don't really need to run at the same time :) ) I want to have a Intego back up of the same iMac. So it'll be two different backups of the same computer on two different external HD.

    Now, few questions.
    1) I dragged the Macintosh HD icon into the Intego but the back up (that found some errors of light files I don't need) has less files than the iMac hd. How comes? Shouldn't be the right way to make a copy of the "all" files?
    2) The Intego HD will have a bunch of extra files, I want to use it as archive too. I saw that Time Machine can backup the other external hd too, so is it a good idea to back up the backup and the Archive using TM?
    I am not a big fan of TM cause I believe I am old school and I like to see folders instead of folders in "space" :) Said so, is it the best way to have all your files safe?

    Hope somebody will help me with this.
    Thanks a lot!
    :apple: lover
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    Backing up the backup is redundant. If the archive is a separate partition, you could set to back that up with Time Machine as well.

    For the second backup (not the Time Machine backup) you probably want to use something like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to copy the system disk. This will make a bootable backup. Just dragging the MacHD icon will miss a lot of files and generally make a mess that won't be usable for anything except manually picking files from.

    I've been using just Time Machine (but to two separate drives, because drives fail at the worst time) and have had no issues.
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    Aug 7, 2013
    redundant backup

    Hi Bear, thanks for the note...
    I'd love to use TM but I read that eventually it'll erase the old data.
    This is the point... I can do partitions on the new HD, not a problem. The reason of the two external HDs is because I want to archive as much as I can into one of those to light the internal HD. Then, I'd like to make a copy on the other one in case one brakes. Of course I need a backup of the internal one too, the actual internal one will have all the most common and most used files. Said so, if TM runs out of space will erase the old data and if one HD breaks I won't recuperate them, is that true?
    If I use one of the programs you suggest will they update continuously hd "B" every time I put new files into the "A" one? What about the internal iMac one?
    Note: the external HDs I bought are 2TB each and the internal is 500GB, so I play with a lot of space (planning to buy a new iMac with 1TB soon though)
    Also, what kind of partitions do you suggest? Mine was only an idea, I am open to new ones :) :apple:
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    Call Intego Tech Support for Help


    I've just seen this post and you may already have resolved the problem. For what it's worth, I really like the Intego backup and use both it and Time Machine. I like the idea of redundancy when protecting my files. Intego tech support is great! If you call them, they will help you! They are open from Monday to Friday; but on weekends, you can send an email to the help desk and they will reply as soon as possible (no more than a day or two).

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