Time Machine and Virtual Machines question

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iamrawr, Apr 19, 2010.

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    let's say i have an external hard drive that is built only for mac software.
    if i back up my system (using time machine) and it has windows 7 in a virtual machine, will it back up the VM as well?

    also let's say i use boot camp for windows on my mac. do i need to reformat the drive for windows if i want to use the external drive?
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    As a VM is stored as a file or several files on the Mac OS X partition, it is being backed up. The actual VM resides in those files, so no NTFS or FAT32 crap outside the file(s) is hampering with the system and thus TM can back it up.

    I'm unsure if TM backs up Windows partitions though, mine wasn't but that was okay. I deleted Windows soon enough.

    If you format a drive you will "loose" all data, so if you need it to work with Windows too (in conjunction with Mac OS X) wither partition it, one volume with HFS+ and the other with FAT32 or NTFS. To write to NTFS formatted volumes in Mac OS X use NTFS-3G drivers.

    To write to HFS+ formatted volumes in Windows use MacDrive.

    And as that topic comes up every two days, maybe you can find one or twelveteen threads via MRoogle.


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