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Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by dcaccount, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Nov 17, 2013

    I am running latest version of El Capitain and for a few weeks the Time Machine backup has become very slow both via USB and via Wifi on a second drive.

    What could it be depending on?

    It is quite annoying.

    Thanks for helping,
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    Nov 17, 2013
    has anyone experienced and solved such an issue?
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    Let me describe my experience today. Just to explain the setup. MBP Late 2013, 15". I have Asus Tri-Band AC router and have a 1300Mbps wireless connection. My Drobo 5N is hard wired into the Asus router. I am running El-Capitan general release.

    I started a wifi Time Machine backup, sure its the initial backup estimated at 451GB in size. 2Hrs after starting, it says "Preparing backup..." I leave it a while and it seems to have stalled. I decide to stop and connect my MBP using Thunderbolt LAN into my ASUS router. 1Gb connection detected and I start a new 1st time backup.

    I left it preparing for several hours and then it starts to backup (Wahoooo). However, this is running so slowly I have never seen this so bad. After around 3 hours its only done 42GB. This is rubbish. In the past, connecting on my Gb network its been very quick. Having done some searching around, there seem to be quite a few people moaning about TM and the time of these backups. Even an Apple Support note suggests leaving running over-night. Not impressed.

    If I get time, I will rule out the router being part of the problem. I have a spare Cisco GiG switch and will connect only the NAS and my laptop to this and test again. What a PITA.
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    Nov 16, 2006
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    I'm seeing the same terribly slow Time Machine backups since upgrading to El Capitan. My Time Capsule backup was running so slow I started a fresh backup to my local GigE attached NAS and it's also terribly slow too. My laptop still running Maverick is backing up fine and fast to the same devices.

    Just 14 KB/sec avg in the past 2 hours !!

    11/18/15 9:34:15.726 AM com.apple.backupd[1022]: Copied 371.6 MB of 432.3 GB, 45124 of 4387514 items
    11/18/15 10:34:20.332 AM com.apple.backupd[1022]: Copied 375 MB of 432.3 GB, 68045 of 4387514 items
    11/18/15 11:34:20.784 AM com.apple.backupd[1022]: Copied 471.1 MB of 432.3 GB, 91576 of 4387514 items
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