Time machine backups from Lion to Mountain Lion!!


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Nov 4, 2011
I have sold my iMac, will be buying the new one hopefully next week. I have my whole Lion OS backups from Time Machine to the Time Capsule and wanted to know can I restore all the Lion backups to the Mountain Lion? Will it slow up the Mac since the backups are from previous OS?


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Aug 11, 2009
Restoring to ML from a L Time Machine backup should work. That's pretty normal procedure and shouldn't slow down anything.


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Feb 24, 2003
Setup Assistant will take you through this when you fire up the new Mac.


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Oct 10, 2011
Going to be honest with you cos seems some people haven't, you sold your iMac due to NEW os not due out to LATE summer? Next week is not late summer so don't be expecting Mountain Lion next week or you will be disappointed. No where near late summer now, yes it could be changed but late July/early august at the earliest. Feel it will be closer to Windows 8 release to distract attention.

Ps you won't see a lot of differences compared to 2011 iMac apart from USB etc. each to there own though
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