Time Machine - confirming when last real real backup was?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by playethic, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Where is the place I can go in my Mac to check when my last full Time Machine backup was really really done? When I click on the clock Time Machine icon in the top menu bar, it always says the last backup was about half an hour previous. But it's been wrong before -- at the Mac store they found out once that the icon showed regular backups but this place they went in my Mac showed no backups had been done at all. Where do I go to check that?
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    Time Machine makes one complete copy of your system, and then only copies over the files that have changed or been added in the last hour.

    You can enter the Time Machine application and see what versions of a file are available.

    In the Finder, you can navigate through the TM backup folders. You will find a folder date and timestamped for each snapshot (though bear in mind that snapshots are "consolidated" the older they get). This is only useful for showing you that a snapshot was made, not for showing what was copied, as this will appear to show you everything, not just the copied items. (TM uses links to reference unchanged files.)

    There is also a perl script called TimeDog that can list the files copied over.

    There's also an app called TimeTracker, and a Widget called TimeMachine Buddy

    The simplest thing is to do a quick test. Create a file. Wait for a backup. Then delete the file. Then try to restore it from Time Machine.
    This will give you an idea if TM is doing it's job. If you can't restore a file from your backup, then you have no backup.
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    thank you

    Thanks for this, it's very helpful

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