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    Hi guys,

    I really hope someone can help here.

    Since updating 2 of our 4 servers to 10.6.4 i am unable to run a successful Time Machine backup to a drive which is shared from a 10.5.8 server. The server which is still running 10.6.3 doesn't have any issues at all running TM to the drive which is shared from our 10.5.8 server.

    Time Machine could not complete the backup.
    The backup disk image "/Volumes/server TM/ nameofserver.sparesbundle" could not be accessed (error -22).

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    29/06/2010 09:03:29 com.apple.backupd[95760] Starting standard backup
    29/06/2010 09:03:29 com.apple.backupd[95760] Attempting to mount network destination using URL: afp://admin@192.168.XXX/intelXXXX%20TM
    29/06/2010 09:03:29 com.apple.backupd[95760] Mounted network destination using URL: afp://admin@192.168.XXXX/intelxXXXX%20TM
    29/06/2010 09:03:29 com.apple.backupd[95760] Creating disk image /Volumes/intelxXXX TM-1/intelXXX.sparsebundle
    29/06/2010 09:03:30 kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/intelxXXX TM-1, pid 95761
    29/06/2010 09:03:31 com.apple.backupd[95760] Error 22 creating backup disk image
    29/06/2010 09:03:31 com.apple.backupd[95760] Failed to create disk image /Volumes/intelxXXX TM-1/intelXXXX.sparsebundle, status: 22
    29/06/2010 09:03:36 com.apple.backupd[95760] Backup failed with error: 20
    29/06/2010 09:03:36 kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_unmount: /Volumes/intelxXXXX TM-1, flags 0, pid 95777
    29/06/2010 09:03:36 kernel ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 21 error 89 reqID 88 flags 0x209 afpCmd 0xF0000002 so 0xffffff801d8ca680
    29/06/2010 09:03:36 com.apple.backupd[95760] Ejected Time Machine network volume.

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