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    After noon all,

    Heres the Plot,
    Primary School, Students all using Iweb to publish to the Xserver works just fine.
    The quirk of Iweb is that you have to have the user profile local to the machine. OK we moved the older year groups and gave them macbooks where as the younger ones share and use network profiles all good.

    I would like to backup seamlessly. Time machine seems like a good option.
    Have configured online NAS to work - Great
    Have setup the standard image for the macbooks to access it - Great
    Have setup only to backup user data and drop all the system files - Great
    Have completed a successful back while logged in as the local admin - Great

    When a student logs in they get a login profile from the Xserver to restrict what applications they have access to and this works fine.
    Time Machine when it tries to backup asks for admin password to make changes. When looking at the details it needs access to unmount I assume all the stuff I don't want to back up. I am now going around in circles any Ideas ?

  2. silkwood thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 16, 2009
    Sunshine State Australia
    I am back,
    Have moved back to this issue after a long leave.

    The problem is the logged on user does not have access to SystemUiServer to unmount he drive for the backup.

    Lets just say I have to give them permission to do so where do I start. ?
    I can give them access to SystemUiServer.app but it still needs additional permission to unmount the drive where do I go to from here.
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