Time Machine - getting some files back from a backup

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    I am a bit stuck at the moment (i have tried using Mroogle).

    My Powerbook g4 finally gave in (GPU died) after 5 years, i've decided that £350+ is a bit on the expencive side to fix it and so thought it more appropraite to save for a new Macbook pro (pro because: <sarcasm>i really am a pro</sarcasm>).
    This is leaving me without a dedicated computer for a little while (couple of months... eep!).
    The problem now comes that i want to get my music off the time machine back-up on my external hard drive for use on another persons computer so i can by new ipod (touch) and put my music on there (as my current 2gen ipod nano is dying with avaeraging 4 hour battery - oh 'tis the season for my electronics to break).

    Get ready, here is my question:

    Is there anyway to get my music and music videos (none of which have DRM) from the back-up drive to another computer. I can use a Mac to do this, that has Leopard on it but i don't want to restore my back-up to the mac as it is not my mac.

    I would really apprciate some help, or even an answer to say it can't be done

    Many thanks in advance!
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    I believe, from me working with Time Machine and transferring data between Macs, is that you might be able to use Leopard's Migration Assistant.

    I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth looking into. The application resides in the Utilities folder.
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