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Discussion in 'macOS' started by thechris.prince, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Ok, so Macrumors is always the best place to ask questions. You guys have helped me out before so I thought I'd extend and inquiry and see if your minds can help me out. I searched the forums and didn't find a solution.

    I'm running a C2D Macbook with 10.6.8 and have been using Time Machine as my primary backup for a long time. It's saved me before when my HD went down. So today I decided to do some housekeeping as both my Macbook and external HD have been getting pretty full. Cleaned up the Mac fine and then the trouble started.

    Like I said, I've been using TM since Leopard came out, so I have backups dating back to '08. I wanted to purge some of those really old files manually and just keep things since Jan '10. Not real sure how to delete old backups, but I'll keep digging and I'm sure I'll find the solution.

    My problem is: TM doesn't show any backups from Jan '10 to current. Old ones are fine, but anything newer just doesn't appear. I'm able to see in finder backups.backuppdb and various folder date backups as subfolders. Below that is a macbook.sparsebundle that is inaccessible. I'm sure my current backups are in there but just can't access them. I know that TM has been doing something as my free space has been dwindling.

    Now a couple of background things. I know that I had an "airport" backup and a hardwired backup previously. TM doesn't like this for some reason. It looks like one of those is now gone, but I'm not too worried about that since I'm trying to get from 2010 to current anyways. I'm on a hardwired setup now. Also, TM randomly did a full backup of my entire machine about a month ago. Couldn't figure out why it would do a full backup for no apparent reason.

    And the last thing. Is there a way to partition an external that already has a TM backup on it? I'd like to move some movie and tv files to the external and then point iTunes back to the external. I don't want to keep these on my main machine anymore as they're taking up a ton of space. I'm trying to "prep" my TM so that when I'm able to snag one of those new Airs with the smaller SSD I can do a simple migration of photos, music, doc's and apps, but keep the larger files on the external.

    So this got a lot longer than I intended, but that's all the details I can think of. I have TM backups that I want and can't access and old backups that I would like to manually delete and also move over TV/Movies to a new partition. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!
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    A corrupted sparsebundle is sadly a common occurrence with Time Machine. This is especially true if you back up over wifi. I have taken to deleting the old sparsebundle and starting over when things mess up too bad. For instance, when upgrading my HDD, do you think I trusted the TM backup sitting on the Time Capsule? Heck no. I made a new one on a local firewire disk. It ran overnight but I didn't care. Once it was done, I shut down, popped in the new HDD and RAM, powered back up and installed Snow Leopard and picked the firewire TM backup to "migrate" from.

    Once that was done, I wiped the old sparsebundle on the TC and started a new one. I don't get the whole dialing back through time part of TM. I just care about making things look the way they looked 2 hours before a disaster occurred and I could care less about a 2 year old version of a document I've worked on.

    In the future, set up Time Machine to back up over (more or less in decreasing order of desirability) firewire, usb, gigabit ethernet, or 802.11n.

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