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Discussion in 'macOS' started by faffoo, Dec 4, 2008.

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    I have recently bought a 24" iMac and am going to be opening it at christmas. I am looking into time machine.

    My questions with time machine are as follows:

    1. What can I bck up to, I have thought of a External Hard Drive and also a Hard Drive enclsure with a hard drive in it.

    2. Is it possible to back up to a hard drive on a different comuter (WINDOWS computer)

    3. On Apples Time Machine it says any HFS+ formated hard drive. What is HFS+ formated and how do i tell if a hard drive is HFS+ formated.?

    4. What would be an ideal hrd drive for me? My new mac (first mac) has a 500GB hard drive in it.

    Thanks and Best Regards

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    TimeMachine Answers


    1. You can back up to any locally mounted removable disk volume. When you plug it in, TimeMachine will throw a dialog up and ask if you want to use the new disk for time machine. So the short answer is any drive that can be plugged into a USB, firewire or esata port that exists on your mac.

    2. I have read where you can use time machine to back up to network mounted volumes such as another computer or a NAS device on your network. (Network Attached Storage)

    3. HFS+ is the volume format used by Apple. It stands for Hierarchical File System. When you plug in a drive for the first time, if it does not already have HFS+ formatting, you can format the drive with diskutil. If the device already has file systems (NTFS) then the Mac may create an HFS image on the disk and use that for time machine. You may want to partition the drive with an independent HFS+ partition. Be careful not to erase files that are already on the drive if you have been using it already.

    4. The size of the drive must be at least as large as the used space on your existing drive. The size of your TM drive will define how far back your back-ups will exist. I never put less than 1 TB on my time machine drives. The Time capsule comes in 500 GB and 1 TB sizes. Many of my drives are 2 TB raids with raid1 (mirrored).
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    Time Machine


    I have generally been looking at 500GB drives. Do you think that would be far to small.

    Also, with time machine everytime it does a back up does it do a full back up of everything or just the changes. Thanks
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    2. Yes, it is. Although it is not supported officially and requires a couple tricks. You can find many informations through a google search.

    4. As the previous pster said a 1TB drive should be a good choice. In fact I think a good rule of thumb is to use a drive with double the size of the disk you are backing up. Of course it all depends on how much files are changed between backups and how big those files are.
    Another factor is how much of the 500GB drive you are going to use: if you only use for example 100GB a smaller backup drive will be enough.
    I would take the 1TB drive, which is a good investment in my opinion.

    It only backaps the whole files that changed since the last backup. That means that if you just change a MB of a 20GB file, the whole file will be copied again.

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