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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Crazy-A, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Crazy-A macrumors newbie

    Jul 23, 2011
    Mac Pro Intel Quad 2.8GHz.

    I have two separate HD. One has 10.5 on it and the other HD has 10.6 on it.

    I ran out of space on my startup drive that was running 10.6. SO, I had to make more room. What I did was back up my whole system with time machine on an external HD. THen I re-booted my computer in 10.5.

    From there, I re-partitioned the drive that had 10.6 on it. Now that drive is completely clean.

    I can't figure out how to get the backup from TM back on my re-partitioned drive.

    I thought I could open up TM and just "do it" from there, but when I click on the TM icon in my dock, it says "the current time machine back up disk can't be found".

    SO, I thought I could boot the system from my 10.5 install disk, but it won't let me boot from the disk. It stops at the grey apple screen with no spinning hash wheel.

    So, as of right now, I am running 10.5 and can't get my system to back up from TM.

    Any help!!??
  2. DESNOS macrumors 6502

    Aug 24, 2011
    Boot from the 10.6 install disk, not 10.5. Drives formatted with 10.6 will be different than drives formatted with 10.5, so reformat the drive again once you're booted into the disk. Not every file in your 10.6 backup will be readable on 10.5 also, so restoring with the 10.5 disk would be potentially problematic.
  3. Crazy-A thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 23, 2011
    I hear what your saying, but I can't find my 10.6 disk. Any ideas how I can just use Time Machine? I don't know why TM won't seem to work correctly.


    actually, Im not sure I even have one. I bought the computer from Apple as a refurb, so I don't know that I got a 10.6 disk with it.
  4. ActionableMango macrumors G3


    Sep 21, 2010
    Refurbs come with the appropriate disc.
  5. Apple* macrumors newbie

    Sep 12, 2011
    Time Machine can read the current version and below.

    For example
    Lion can read backup's from 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7
    Snow Leopard can read backup's from 10.5 and 10.6
    Leopard can read backup's from 10.5

    In theory Lion can read Lion Server backup's but I've never tested this.

    So if you want to restore your Snow Leopard OS, you need to boot from a Snow Leopard DVD or Lion Installer and restore.

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