Time Machine locked in backup that's not running

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Photomegus, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I've been having nightmares over the last few weeks, starting with my iMac permanently sending crash reports, unbidden and unstoppable. I started with 10.4, and I'm now on 10.6 in after repeated attempt to get a useable mac. All was well, until I included another external disk to the time machine backups. It took nearly two days, then seemingly with around 5Gb to go, it suddenly stopped and said it had finished. I logged out and went to work, coming back to find it was still locked in a plain blue screen. I left it overnight, still like it this morning, so I did a forced shutdown. It wouldn't restart. I rebooted from the 10.6 disk, but it said the hard disc was irrecoverable and I needed to erase. I erased and reinstalled, but when it came to restoring from Time Machine, it didn't recognise the backups. Checking on the backup disk it has a folder indicated it is still in a backup. If I try to enter a different backup through the Time Machine icon in the backup, it too says I can't because it's in the middle of a backup.

    Is there any way I can delete this folder and get it to let me back in? I don't want to just delete it without some guidance as it's taken me weeks of reinstall just to get this far, having persuaded the likes of TurboCad to let me re-install from a download. I feel I'm on the threshold of having to start all over again...

    Please help if you can.


    P.S. I attached a sticky (I have no apps to speak of at the moment) which had an image of the error message, showing two icons within minutes of each other, one showing a completed backup, the other a message icon stating backup in progress. I don't think the image on the sticky can be accessed...

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    Maybe this will work... a Text attached

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    OK so Time Machine recognises it now... but despite running restore, from various backups, my software doesn't show in Applications, nor are my users restored, and now the desktop has lost the internal hard drive icon...

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