Time Machine-Network drives? what size hard drive?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by markw10, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Sep 4, 2006
    I am getting Leopard tommorrow and have a couple questions about Time Machine.

    1. Earlier I posted about using it through a Airport Base Station drive. It seems it's now confirmed it won't work with ABS drives. I would like to think in the future it'll be updated to support this. I know my ABS drive can be slow and doesn't do well with large file transfers so maybe that's the reason. I see it works with 'network' drives though. I'm wondering,

    a. Would it work with a hard drive that is connected directly to a ethernet network?

    b. I use my MacBook Pro a lot and don't want to have to carry around an external drive with it. I'm getting a imac within the next month though. If I plug an external drive in that would it work with that drive?

    2. What size hard drive? I have two MBP's I want to use with two drives (on a network or on my iMac) and one is using around 140GB of space, the other around 110GB of space. What size hard drive should I use for backup? I know I want at least the amount of the laptop but I've heard the TM doesn't compress so for storing backups since it is storing back in time I'd assume I want at least double if not more, maybe 500GB or more. Is this true? I know the answer is probably the larger, the larger I go back in time and I know with time if you run out of space it starts erasing.
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    at minimum you need the amount of space that is being backed up. so if you have 140GB of stuff, you need a 140 GB drive. but if you think that will grow, then buy a bigger drive.

    basically just buy the biggest drive you can

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