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Bulldog VII

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Original poster
Jul 10, 2007
Hi all

I run ML & have an external HD for time machine

I was wondering if I can change the format off time machine to only back up once a day at say 3am instead of the hourly it presently does

The problem I have is when it does it's back up my imac virtually comes to a standstill & it's so annoying

I can't see how to change the settings for TM

Anyone have any ideas??



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Jul 4, 2012
If your computer comes to a stand still

when TM does an incremental back up something is almost certainly going wrong in your set up. This problem has been a issue for me in the past using similar incremental back up systems in windows, but since I switched and set up my mac system I have zero problems with slowness during increment back ups. In fact, I am completely unaware that the incremental backups are happening while I am working. You might want to spend a little time and try to find out why you are having the problem and correct it rather than doing a work around. Incremental back ups are very nice to have.


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Apr 5, 2012
Adrift in a sea of possibilities
I would also urge you to dig a bit deeper and find out what the problem is. Sure, the initial backup was a killer, but since then I don't even notice when my backups occur. It has zero effect on my MBP's performance, even while gaming.
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