Time machine or external drive?

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    I Recently upgraded my macbook hard drive to a 500GB drive. Now I need some help when it comes to backups.

    I currently have a spare 500GB drive that I can use as a backup device. However, I want to have one backup as a Superduper clone and I want to use another drive for time machine. I was planning on buying another external drive for time machine but I have been offered a 500GB Time machine drive at a good price.

    As far as I know, my router is tied in with my internet provider so I do not think I could use the time machine capsule as a router. Is there any benefit to buying it if I am not using it as a router? Does it do anything else that a standard external drive couldn't? Also, my router is in my living room, would it be possible to have a time machine capsule in my bedroom and backup to it wirelessly?

    Any help would be appreciated guys.
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    Jan 27, 2007
    You don't need a time capsule if you aren't using the router portion. You also don't really need a super duper backup in addition to a TM backup. All of the files are accessible in the TM directories, even if you aren't running the TM application. The only benefit of a superduper backup is that you can boot it off of another computer. But how often would you really do that?
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    Having a bootable clone is immensely valuable
    You may not do it *often*, but when you need it you will be glad to have it

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