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Discussion in 'macOS' started by whoathere, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Here's my situation: I used a Time Machine drive connect to an AEBS for a while. When I moved/upgraded to ML I also added a MBP to the set up (before it was just my imac). So, I partitioned the 1TB drive into 2 halves, one for each machine.

    Since the move/upgrade to ML, I've had all sorts of issues with the drive not showing up in Finder/Time Machine not starting. So, I connected the USB 1TB drive to my iMac and backed up to it. That won't be an issue. My question is, is there a way to back up to the drive now from my MBP, now that it's USB connected to my iMac?
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    There was never any need to partition the drive. Multiple Macs can back up to the same partition. I have 3 Macs backing up to a single partition on a 1.5 TB external drive mounted on a 1st gen TC. If you connect the drive to your machine by USB, you might have better luck if you "start over" with a fresh backup rather than trying to continue using the backup you started over the network. In fact I find this happens more often than it should. It seems that Time Machine gets "tired" of its backup destination about once every year or two and I have to start over, losing all old versions of files but I don't care about old versions anyway.

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