Time Machine Security?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by madssakre, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I have a question concerning the security of multiple TM's on a networked iMac functioning as backup for a couple of Macs. I have a MB myself which has a TM backup on this network. It works fine and all. However, the other day I plugged in a new MBP for its initial installation. I wanted to replicate the Applications (only) from my MB to the new MBP. I type in the login credentials to my TM, but I am allowed to see 4 different drives having 4 TM backups. I choose the one that should be mine (a bit concerned why I could see the others) and install. To my big surprise the set of Applications on the new MBP is not same as on mine. A couple of Apps I do not use and have ever heard about appear on the new. I contact some other using the TM system and they use these apps.

    So, in short, where is the fault of our system? Why can I see multiple TM backups? How can I possibly choose backup of one that isn't mine?

    Having chosen only the Apps for the installations limits the damage (for now), but I feel unpleasant about someone potentially being able to back up my system onto their new computers if trying to...
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    I'm afraid this is a limitation of the program. You can secure some of your files by using FileVault, but that only extends to files under your personal folder.
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    I am currently considering using TM with a Time Capsule. Am I correct in understanding that it is possible that someone outside my home could wirelessly access my Time Capsule and steal my files?
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    I think that would depend only on the security of the wireless network you're setting up. I wouldn't be afraid there.

    It is unbelievable to me if your are right about the limitation. But I guess you are right.

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