Time Machine seems to be backing up, only not...

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jessedylan, Mar 10, 2010.

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    I have an external HD (a partition of which was marked as my Time Machine disc) that had a bad power supply. I placed the drive in a new enclosure and it's working fine - with one exception. I don't get any errors in Time Machine, and it appears to be backing up (according to counter-clockwise spinning icon at the top), but when I open Time Machine there aren't any recent timeframes to restore from. As much as I can tell, the last update is from late January, which is when the power supply went bad on my external HD.

    My external HD seems to be just fine - I can see, open, use and save data, but for some reason when I open Time Machine there are no recent saved points. Time Machine used to overwrite the oldest restore points, so I'd always have about two weeks of restore points to choose from. Now I just have two weeks from January, and it makes me nervous that my data is being backed up. Any ideas?
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    Sounds odd!

    I would open Console.app (in /Applications/Utilities), select "All Messages" in the left pane, then start a backup and watch the messages.

    I've noticed that Time Machine writes messages there and you will at least be able to verify it is backing up to the place you expect it to and how much free space there is.


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