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    Jan 18, 2010
    I am new in the forum, thanks in advance for help.
    We do have 8 Mac osx client 10.5.8, using time machine an a Mac osx Server 10.5.8 server on a new xServe.
    On the server I have a USB external 1 TB Hard Disk dedicated to the time machine server.
    At the time i initialize the external HardDisk and configure by server preference for the Time Machine backup I do not have any problem, all the client do the correct backup. After 15/20 days the external HD goes quite full of data, and the client start to say, not possible do the backup whlie is impossible to load the backup volume, so non one do the backup.
    My actual solution is to initialize the External HD periodically, but it is not a solution. I beleive time machine has to delete older data when the disk is near to full, but seems to be not.
    Any one can help?

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