Time Machine/Time Capsule/Airport Extreme with Verizon FIOS??

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by tardman91, Nov 10, 2009.

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    I will be getting my new Macbook Pro in the near future and am very interested in using Time Machine to wireless back up my data to an external hard drive. I know I can use Time Capsule to do this, but also hear a mention of just getting an Airport Extreme and my own ext. hd. My question is that I have Verizon FIOS Internet and my modem also functions as a wireless router. How would the Time Capsule/Airport Extreme work with this? Is it possible? I do not believe that the Verizon router supports wireless N, and I would like to take advantage of the faster speeds. If I were to connect a Airport Extreme to the wireless router, would I then have 2 routers to choose from and just use the Airport Extreme to use the wireless N? I'm very confused as to how I could make this work.
    Thanks in advance!
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    you would connect the Airport Extreme to the Modem's WAN port with an ethernet cable NOT its LAN port. then enable bridge mode on the Verizon modem which bypasses its router so you can use the Airport Extreme's router with gigabit LAN and wireless-N.
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    I don't have Fios, but it should be similar to uVerse. You can either use the TC or AEBS to extend the network or hardwire your TC/AEBS to the Fios modem and use it as the wireless router.
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    One big catch with FiOS - new FiOS installations now use coax to connect the FiOS router to the ONT outside the house. If that's the case, you obviously can't replace the FiOS router (no coax on the Time Capsule!). If however the technician ran CAT-5 cable to your router, you still have a problem. If you replace the FiOS router with another router, you will lose guide data and VOD on your TVs (assuming you have FiOS TV service). This is because the FiOS router sends data to the STBs via the coax connection. The only solution in this case is to buy a Motorola box (I forget the name of it) that bridges the coax network in your home with the ethernet network.

    Hope that makes sense. For these reasons, it's better to just plug the TC into the FiOS router in bridge mode (as was earlier suggested)......

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