Time Machine versus Backup

Discussion in 'macOS' started by cabasner, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. cabasner macrumors member

    Oct 9, 2005
    I don't have Leopard as of yet (waiting on Adobe updates before updating the OS), but I am wondering if there will be any reason to continue to use the Backup program if I decide to use Time Machine. I have a dedicated hard drive on my main computer (Mac Pro) and use Backup every day to keep current. When I install Leopard, and if I use Time Machine, is there any reason to have BOTH Backup and Time Machine? I just found it odd that I got a .mac e mail discussing updates (see next paragraph), including an update to Backup 3 for Leopard...why do that (eaning why did Apple impove Backup) if Time Machine is 'better'.

    Backup 3 update. The latest version of Backup, version 3.1.2, improves general stability and provides compatibility with Leopard. If you haven't already updated your copy of Backup, choose Software Update from the Apple menu or download the latest version from Member Central.

  2. hamholio macrumors member

    Jun 22, 2006
    I have leopard and I'm currently using Backup to backup specific document folders to my .mac space. . . can you do that with time machine? (I haven't used TM yet)
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    Time Machine has one major shortcoming, in my opinion, which is that it does not (easily) provide for offsite backups. While it provides good protection against hard drive failure, accidentally deleted or damaged files, etc., suppose that you suffer a fire, theft or other calamity at home? Your computer is gone, your backups are gone, and you're screwed. Any complete backup strategy must provide for storage of critical data some distance away from your home (or office, if we're talking about an at-work scenario). At my house, I use TM on my Macs, but I also backup all my PCs and Macs to a central server, and once a week I copy the latest files to a portable hard drive and bring it into the office in order to have an offsite copy of all my personal data files.

    I would see Backup used with .Mac as an effective way to get critical files offsite, and I think this would complement TM nicely. Note that for the offsite storage, you really don't need to back up your system and apps--all of those can be recovered in a worst-case scenario. But what can't be recovered--your email, your digital photos, your purchased iTunes music, etc. must be backed up and stored offsite.
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    Yeah, backup and time machine are two different beasts. While they both backup time machine is really better geared for the short term (oh no I just deleted an important project) while backup is better geared for long term storage (oh no my computer just exploded).

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