Time Machine vs Clone Copy

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thatoneguy82, Sep 19, 2012.

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    So, Crucial has determined my SSD is defective due to frequent incorrect space allocations. I did several disconnects/connects as they instructed. They told me I could send them the SSD first then they'll send me a new; or I could buy a new one then they'll refund when they receive my old one. I wasn't comfortable with either option. I bought this from Amazon back in Feb 2012 for about ~350 and thought about going to them. Talked to customer service and they allowed a one-time exception to return and exchange for Samsung 830 256SSD for $200.

    So, my question is when I receive this new SSD on Friday, should I transfer a clone that I had saved to an external backup that's about <7days old. Or should I restore, if even possible from a time machine machine? Last, clone transfer the current drive? Reason I ask is because last night I got a virus/trojan/malware in my Win7 VM. I fixed it by deleting the VM and then restoring from a different time point. I'm not sure if cloning this current drive that was restored would be a good idea. Also, from the backup clone, I've read that cloning a clone isn't a good idea either. Any advice? I may have to, but don't really want to (I'm lazy), re-install everything.
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    Time machine is a lot easier, since you can boot into recovery mode, plug in your backup drive, and restore any point.

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