iPhone Time Passcode - are these features possible?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by ntegra, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Maybe this should be a request to the dev instead of a thread but I'll put this out there anyway.

    Timepasscode, in case you don't know, changes your passcode based on the time of day. Therefore your passcode changes every minute.

    (I'm rocking iphone 5 so sadly, no finger print unlock for me)

    However, there are a few flaws:

    1). when you slide to unlock you have to notice what time it is before you slide so you know the passcode (since time is hidden on the password screen) if you didnt look at the time you will need to swipe back to see the time. Is there a way, that when swiping, the time stays in place and only the passcode screen swipes in? (I know there are statusbar clocks but I would like the default time to stay there)

    2). ALOT of the times, the time changes while you are entering your passcode so you end up getting an incorrect passcode, resulting in entering it in again. My idea is to always have a -1 value acceptable on the passcode, so for instance if the time is 12:34 a passcode of 1234 AND a passcode of 1235 would also work. That way when the time changes to 12:35, you can still enter 1234. It happens to me a lot, anyway.
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    Dynamically changing the passcode based on the time? What's the point of this exactly? With newer devices integrating Touch ID, I doubt anything like this would ever be useful. Sorry.

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