time till resellers get updated pros?


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Sep 12, 2007
i've decided the small new options for the mbp are enough for me and have chosen not to wait until january. i was going to get an aftermarket 200gb 7200 rpm drive. but if they will do it for me then that saves me the effort.

but, buying from a local store, or from apple.com costs me almost $400 more than places like macmall or macconnection, that offer not only rebates, but no sales tax. which is near $250 for the one i want. $100 i could turn a blind eye too. but $400 is too much to ignore.

so now i'm stuck waiting until macmall offers the new options. anyone know how long this might take? do they wait until they have them in their warehouse? meaning it could be the 2-3 weeks apple is predicting for orders placed on the store?

or is the 2-3 weeks to cover their butt, and they could arive sooner?


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Oct 20, 2007
Be prepared to hear harping about 'saving tax'. Twinkie and others are going to tell you that you should be filing your internet/out of state orders on your tax return and paying your state use tax.


by the way MBP's wont have a refresh until Q1 of 08 as far as I know.


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Sep 1, 2007
Alberta, Canada
o man just talking bout taxes i thought i wud bring up a good point

CANADIAN SALES TAX GOING FROM 6% to 5% january 1, 2008
hahahah so im waiting till then, maybe some mass price cuts on the mbp and also an updated one
who knows

but i am currently writing this message on a mbp (my moms) and god dammit they are f*** sexy!!!
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