Time To Get A New TV... Advice Please.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SamIchi, Mar 29, 2007.

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    The TV in our living room broke... or just doesn't have the picture show up. It's a direct view one, I think 32".

    My parents want me to look into a new one. I guess we're looking for a little bigger than 32" Probably no bigger than 42". I don't know anything about HDTV and what-not, but I guess they would want the latest technology. I don't think price is a big deal but the best value would be what we're looking for. Probably a flat panel. My mom wants better quality, so I guess Plasma.

    What do you guys suggest? Any input would be nice. Give reccomendations of brands and types. Thanks Guys!
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    from what I've heard there is really no difference in quality or useable life between LCD and Plasmas these days. That said, if quality is more important than price I would suggest a nice 42" set with more than one HDMI input. 1080p or 720p is up to you, but I'm pretty sure the 1080p models have dropped to around 2k.
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    I bought a 42" panasonic plasma at XMas and it is AMAZING! I've always liked panasonic. Never had an issue with them. I had to buy the HD digital cable box though so I could watch HD. Look out for added expenses that can really add up.
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    I'd go LCD, with 720p and 1080i...if you can find support for 1080p great, but not much supports them. Maybe if you have a XBox 360/PS3 a lot, or HD-DVD/Blue-Ray gaming 1080p would be worth it
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    If you're in a brightly lit room go with an LCD. I have 3 LCDs (1 55" Rear Projection LCD in the living room, & 2 (26" and 20") Flat Panels in bedrooms) and they are fantastic. HD is the only way to go now a days, so if you can try to get 1080p (they are a little more expensive, and there is a lack of 1080p programming) if not 720p/1080i is also good.

    EDIT: Living room TV is a Sony, My bedroom TV is a Sony Bravia and my parents is a Philips
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