Time to sell my G4 iMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kimtoufectis, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I'm getting a G4 iMac ready to sell (I'm not willing to give up the G4 "Sunflower" form factor so I found a faster one with a larger display). You'd think a 10-year old mac user would know what to do, but no dice; I (a non-techie) need some step-by-step guidance.

    I bought it used 18 months ago with 10.5.8 installed. The prior user swept it pretty clean beforehand and set up a 15 GB "Recovery" partition on the hard drive in addition to the 105 GB "OS X" partition from which it boots. I imagine this is the key to putting the machine back the way I got it.

    I think what I want to do is boot from the Recovery partition, then overwrite the current main partition with another version of the recovery partition. Questions:
    1. I presume I can do this from Disk Utility; do I need any other software to proceed?
    2. What are the steps I need to follow to proceed?

    I added wifi via a RALink micro-USB device, and installed drivers (currently there's a RALink folder in my Utilities folder). RALink was acquired by another company so...
    3. Would it be a problem for the buyer to re-download the drivers?
    4. Even if so, I'd like wifi to work from buyer boot-up. Is there a way I can put those drivers into the recovery partition so they're available to the buyer?

    Thanks in advance for helping a relative newbie...
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