Time to Sneak Out! [HD/Lite version now available!]

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    HEY! We are running a *** 50% OFF WWDC Sale! Only 0.99 to Sneak Out (both versions)! ***

    Sneak Out! HD - 0.99 only!

    Sneak Out! - 0.99 only!

    Sneak Out! HD Lite

    Sneak Out! Lite


    You know, when it's time to get off work, we're having the rights to leave the office on time. However, sometimes the atmosphere doesn't allow so, at least, your manager is not that willing to let you get out so easily. 'Urgent' matters are always available for you while your girlfriend is always calling urgently.

    With managers looking for you all wandering around in the office, it is time for you to SNEAK OUT!

    ★ Redefine the line drawing game with strategy solving.
    ★ Online Leaderboard. Are you ready for the challenges all over the world?
    ✔ Retina ready graphics and animations.
    ✔ Supports from iPod touch 3rd Gen and iPhone 3GS

    All versions of Sneak Out! 2.0 comes with great updates including
    ✔ The new insane mode allows you to experience the living hell office with ever-wandering bosses!
    30 new classic levels - more office for your to explore!
    ✔ new items – now you can get out of the office a lot easier

    Reviewers' Comments:
    Smokinapps - http://smokinapps.com/app/sneak-out-hd-an-office-escaping-game-with-line-drawing/review/
    Crazy Mike's Apps - http://www.crazymikesapps.com/draw-your-way-out-of-work-with-the-sneak-out-hd-ipad-app/

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    Hi, we are running a special promotion these days for Sneak Out! and Sneak Out! HD. Give it a try before sneaking out from office today!

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