Time to Upgrade my Mom's G4 HELP! :)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ktbubster, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Jan 20, 2007

    So, here's the deal. My Mom currently has a Dual G4 Apple tower (the silvery colored one) It's running at 1.8 ghz after upgrades, i'm pretty sure it has max ram of ... 1.5 or 2.0? :confused:

    Anyway, she's had it for a while and we have finally reached the end of it's life (what is that, something like 6 or so years? not bad i think) after many upgrades etc. It still works fine, but for her needs she really could use more.

    Her uses are a LOT of photoshop (large images, multiples, tons of layers and filters and random stuff) painter, canvas, soon to be illustrator and basically the CS3 suite.

    And of course a lot of basic webbrowsing, email, typing, so on and so forth.

    Now... we've been doing some comparisons but I would love to hear actual experience in what you think the minimum intel processor we would see a good jump in speed is. I've heard anywhere from barely anything to twice as fast just jumping to 2.0 C2D.

    Would she get any speed increase at all going to say a 1.83 or 2.0 mini? Can those take 4gb of ram yet? I recall reading that they are not SR so no. But just for the sake of argument, would she see anything?

    We are thinking our best bet would be going to a Dual 2.0 Mac Pro. Would we see a good jump in performance? From what i've read it seems like we would. Probably put in 4gb of ram to start (obviously 3rd party, we are looking for a cheap but good upgrade solution)

    We were interested in the imacs, but she does a lot of print work and is really picky with her screens.. a glossy lcd isn't gonna cut it, it's gonna be hard enough to get her to switch from her current CRT. Not to mention upgradabilitiy is the key, we hope to not have to switch again for a few years.


    Soooo long story short: anyone who had a G4 tower and switched to ANY intel system from that (mini, macbook, pro, imac... ofcourse mac pro anything), if you could post your real world experience in speed and such, that would be GREAT.

    Will a 2.0 dual mac pro be reason enough to upgrade or should we try looking for a cheap 2.66 for any sort of worthwhile difference? :confused: We are trying to upgrade as cheap as possible, so while I know faster is better in the long run, I'd like to know the lowest we can go that would still show a good jump in speed... but to something worthwhile.

    Thanks for your time in advance! :)
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    any mac pro tower will blow away what you're using now.

    get the highest specs you can reasonably afford and stuff it with ram. you won't be disappointed.
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    If she is that intensive on graphics I would absolutely avoid both the Mini and Macbook.

    She needs a pro machine or an iMac. Is she particular about monitors? Cause I would probably say to get a Macbook Pro and use an external monitor. A Mac Pro is a beast of a machine. If you do buy one of those it will last another 6 years I would imagine.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    She is particular about monitors, hence not really liking the imac option as well...I'll keep that in mind. We were trying to avoid the mini for upgrade reasons really. I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of performance raise we will see upgrading from a g4 1.8 ghz to any intel processor. Just to get an idea of the minimum processor we could get and have it really be worth it. So any upgrade stories with teh specs of your old g4 machine and the one you upgraded to (or have used in comparison to a g4 anyway) and things you noticed would be awesome. :)

    I can't really find any good benchmark comparisions or especially real world/peoples experiences for a comparision between a g4 quicksilver to a macpro 2.0 or any similar intel c2d processors. (most people probably update more then that lol)
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    Your only good choices are Mac Pro or iMac. I would probably choose an iMac and use her existing monitor for photo editing. The cost of the Mac Pro is too prohibitive for most homeowners to use as a recreational computer. Business use might tip the balance to the Pro.

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