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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by xraydoc, Nov 26, 2012.

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    So normally I live/work in the US eastern time zone. I'm presently in Chicago (central time zone). When I landed at the airport, my phone automatically changed time zones, but all my appointments fell back one hour (i.e., appointments I set during my week in Chicago for 6 pm now come up as 5 pm). Ok, no problem... Turn on Time Zone Support in the calendar preferences, right?

    So, I turned on Time Zone Support - and my appointments now read a proper time (as in, time isn't adjusted an hour back). BUT, my appointment alerts are an hour behind. In other words, my 1 hour warning for a 6 pm appointment goes off at 4pm instead of 5 pm.

    I believe this behavior is a bit different from prior versions of iOS.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I always set appointments for local time - a noon appointment should be for noon in whatever time zone I'm in... Not for noon of my home time zone.

    I had this problem with Android a couple years ago and it was a mess. iOS always just worked. Now iOS is giving me trouble.


    TL;DNR: In a different time zone, my appointment times are listed as correct but my appointment alerts are off by (x) hours, where (x) is the difference between the default time zone and the current local time zone. Why?
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    This has been a major bug since iOS version 1. I don't think Apple cares about fixing it.

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