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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by macchans, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Mar 11, 2010
    I wanted to new install the system on my son's Macbook. It's normally hooked up to a Timecapsule for Timemachine Bachups. I cleaned the HD and installed teh system. Then i wanted to use Migration assistent to get his files back. I only saw 3 other computer Backups but not my sons. When i go into the HD from the Time Capsule directly i can see the .Sparsebundle of his back up. At first i couldn't access it but by restarting all computers and TimeCapsule i can mount the .sparsebundle image. The last thing i see is a file with no icon named with a timestamp and then 'inProgress'. I think the last back up was interrupted and now the file is 'damaged'. When i right click is can look into the package and see the files. But when i try to copy them i get a system warning saying the volume has not the right .....??? something with the big or small letters in the name o the volume.... for a back up.?????

    Can somebody help we. There a some files that are important, not all.

    Thanks already
  2. Terry Smith macrumors member

    Terry Smith

    Jan 28, 2009
    This managed to fix it with me...

    Same thing happened yesterday after Apple replaced my HD on my Macbook. I went to time capsule, and could see the other 5 or 6 images when I chose the selection 'restore from a time machine backup'.

    Now to clarify - here's what I saw next:

    The two drives that were on the network - one with no backups on it (correct) - and the time capsule - with no backups on it. Then it started counting the number of backups it found, up to 5 or 6 as mentioned previously....

    So - figuring we were good, I hit the 'next' or 'continue' button, and it brought up the list of backups, and presto - no backup for my macbook (yes I could see it in finder, etc. from other machines.)

    So I did two things:

    I went to another mac, and found the parsebundle image, and dragged it to diskutility and ran verify/repair. It didn't find anything wrong - so I went back to my macbook, and rebooted it (thinking the number of backups it was finding on the timecapsule might be in cache, and wasn't actually reloading). So I reboot the macbook, and go through the above steps, and when it gets to the where it starts counting the backups on the time capsule.... I wait - grabbed a coffee - came back, it had found 8 backups (the correct amount) and there was mine - the rest was normal and using the macbook now.

    Apologies in the advance for the narrative - my first response on here - don't have the brevity down yet.

    Ultimately my solution boiled down to two things:

    Run the parsebundle from another mac in disk utility (I think you need to drag and drop it).
    Wait for the 'migration helper' or whatever it's called to find all the backups on the time capsule.

    One of these two things got me back up and running.

    Good luck.


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