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    This is an app available in Apple's App Store ( https://itun.es/us/C9gcO.i - $.99) but I'm trying to figure out if one of my jailbreak tweaks is causing it not to function properly.

    The app is suppose to read the time out loud every hour, quarter hour, & half hour, depending on what alerts you have set. You can also set custom alerts but its only able to play a generic tone rather than reading the actual time.

    Custom alerts sound off properly for me but the alerts that involve reading the time don't ever play or trigger.

    I've already contacted the developer and he will look into it but I'm trying to see if anyone else might be experiencing the same issue. I've done most of the basic troubleshooting already, uninstall/reinstall, rebooted, disabling all MS add-ons, tested in safe mode but the app still never functions as inten
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    I finally found the offending package. It looks to be an issue with WeePreferenceLoader which is a framework LockInfo 5 relies on.

    EDIT: It might not be a conflict with WeePreferenceLoader after all. I'm getting inconsistent alerts on three different devices, one of which is on stock 6.0.1 and the other two are on 6.1.2 jailbroken. Maybe it's an issue on anything but the latest FW?
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    I would say it is the otherway around, timely is the offending package as weeprefloader doesn't cause any problems with other apss

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