TimeMachine backing up iDisk with 10.5.2??

Discussion in 'macOS' started by peterbaby, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. peterbaby macrumors member

    Jan 29, 2008

    I know this question was asked for a while, but I can't find the answer for 10.5.2. My point is, I wanted my iDisk to be backed up by Time Machine just as any other folder of my computer (by that, I mean backing up the local iDisk copy on the time machine HD, NOT backing up time machine on the iDisk).

    Until now, the only thing time machine did was copying the .sparsebundle of the iDisk any time a single file changed. Two drawbacks: a single change = 8Gb (for me) on time machine + restauration of a single 60k word file required to restore the entire disk image before extracting the right file. :mad:This is why I stopped using iDisk.

    Now has someone by anychance a synced iDisk with :apple:10.5.2 and tested backing up with time machine?

    I know some of you will answer iDisk is already a back up in itself. Sure, but there is no versioning every hour, plus I'd had synced issues that lead to losing on or two files (happened twice). This is why I won't use my iDisk until I can properly back it up/restore it in TM.

    BTW, I'm lazy :eek: to do the test myself, as re-activating the sync of my iDisk will take at least 2 hours to recreate the local copy on my MBP (hey Apple, remember you have EU customers? How about servers that are not under the Californian sun ! ). Any generous soul welcome !!! :D
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    I'm going to bump this to see if we're any closer to iDisk backups on Time Machine? Anyone?
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    Jersey, C.I.
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    Still No Solution?

    Honestly, This is pretty terrible. All the fanfare over mobileme, and presumably oodles more subscribers, and time machine doesn't work with idisk? iDisk, which comes with pre-made folders labelled "documents" etc.? iDisk, which conveniently allows local access? Solution to backing up individual files from a locally accessible idisk, anyone?

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