TimeMachine fails with external USB drive

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by 7enderbender, Sep 28, 2016.

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    I'm ready to pull my hair out and starting to regret the move to the Apple "ecosystem" (add to that iOS10 as it presented this morning as yet another forced download on my iphone).

    I'm running a MacMini that is mainly used for photo editing (Adobe CS6) and as music recording device with a Focusrite Pro40 Firewire interface (Logic Pro X). The latter is the reason why I'm on Mavericks still and I'm intending to keep it that way.

    A few days ago my designated external hard drive (Lacie) for TimeMachine backups started to fail. Tried to reformat etc but it kept failing and eventually wouldn't even connect/mount at all. So I figured it's a fried disk and bought another G-Force USB 4T drive instead. Already have another G-Force as a data disk and it works fine.

    TimeMachine backup took forever - and then it crashed and the entire computer froze again. Drive had disconnected and there was an error message about that.

    It does back up fine when I switch it to my TimeCapsule drive - which is really meant to be only for the two MacBooks in the house. I want to keep the pretty big backup on the local Mac Mini on a separate drive.

    I don't recall doing anything, changing anything or installing software that would have caused this. Anyone have any thoughts where to go from here? I also had the Finder crash on my randomly a few times recently (come to think of it the Finder thing also happens on my laptop recently).
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