Timemachine file recovery from a SL server file share

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    I have set up a mac mini SL server with file sharing.

    Let me explain the setup:

    - The mini has one account on the machine - the system admin.
    - There are various network users that access the file share via groups.
    - The system admin is in none of the groups.
    - The SL mini disks and file share disks are backed up by a timecapsule

    Now if someone accidently deletes a file on the fileshare, how does one recover them ?

    The sticking point is that :

    - the network users do not have access to the server, nor an account to log onto the machine physically.

    - the system administrator, who can log onto the SL server, can start the timemachine restore but he cannot navigate to the appropriate folder to do the restore (because he is not int eh file share groups)

    So, I tried to grant the system administrator access to the file share groups. However, here the server preferences says that the short name is not unique...

    any ideas?

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