Timemachine - what's the compression level ?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by CHSeifert, Dec 21, 2011.

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    I have a 1 Tb music collection on my iMac.

    I have 2 external drives, one is a plain 2 Tb WD Studio backup drive for this 1 Tb music collection the other is a brand new 2 Tb Timecapsule, which I intend shall act as a router for my Cable modem internetconnection and also work as the NAS HDD for my Sonos music system.

    So far I have only used Timemachine on the regular 2 TB WD Studio drive, but can I connect my imac to the Timecapsule drive as a regular router without it starting automatically to backup Timemachine files to the TimeCapsule drive ?

    I'm afraid the compression level of Timemachine is too low, so the 2 Tb drive will be maxed out from my 1 Tb music collection, which Sonos uses and then from the Timemachine backup file.

    Can I teel Timemachine NOT to backup my music library, but everyhting else ?
    I prefer to backup my music collection manually anyway.

    Thanks for any help :)
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    Time Machine doesn't compress backups at all - instead it uses hard links to directories as a space-saving measure when items are identical between backups.
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    There is no compression technology used in Time Machine. It simply backs up your files and stores them in organized folders. It uses hard links to the data on the hard drive to save some space. Time Machine is particularly bad with backing up large files that change frequently as it will constantly back up the newest copy of the file and waste a lot of space.

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