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    Timer with Sections 5: New Major Revision

    The 'Timer with Sections' supports you during your performance (e.g., a talk or keynote speech, a seminar or lecture, a workout) by providing intuitively visualized timing information.

    With Timer you structure time into sections. During the performance the schedule can be adjusted by intuitive swipe gestures, moving time across sections. Other features are shrinkable and expandable sections, organizing schedules, logging of consumed time, skipped time and paused time, optionally setting a fixed start time and an alarm option for each section.

    Timer is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 4.1 or better.

    New in Version 5.2:

    Custom Alarm Sounds: Version 5.1 allows you to add a custom alarm sound for each section by opening sound files (m4a, mp3, etc) using "Open in Timer".

    Hideable Controls: In Version 5.2 you may hide the controls to avoid unintentionally tapping these buttons.



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