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Mar 23, 2009
Anybody else have the &^%$#@&! Timer app come up almost every time you press the crown? Often I have to "fight" with it - it will take several attempts to get the app list come up. (I use the list format, BTW, never did like the concentric icons, was so happy when Apple gave us a list option!)

I haven't nailed this down, but I think it happens if I am touching the left side of the case, perhaps my thumb is over a bit of the left side of the screen. I wear my watch on my left hand, and when I press the crown, I usually balance the watch with my thumb on the left side.

It is a Series 4, so that means the screen extends all the way to the edge.

Still, the timer icon isn't that close to the edge. I guess it has a big touch "hotspot" larger than the icon itself.

The obvious solution is for me to remove the timer icon from the watch face, since I never use it anyway. But just curious if others have been annoyed by the same thing.

But you'd think Apple would be smart enough to know that if a user is pressing the crown while touching on/near the timer icon, they want to see the apps, NOT activate the Timer app!


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Apr 20, 2009
I use the timer all the time and have never had this issue. Maybe you just need to move the icon to another location or use another watch face.
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Mar 23, 2009
To clarify, I NEVER use the Timer. It's just there in the lower lefthand corner, because it is there by default, and I am lazy! So, telling me "I use the timer several times a day" doesn't help - I don't WANT to use the timer!

If I replace it with something else, I will likely just accidentally activate whatever I replace it with. I guess I have to just leave the lower-left icon empty.

I thought I was the only one! lol its so annoying

At least I am not crazy, and somebody else is experiencing the same thing! (OK, that doesn't prove that I'm not crazy! ;)

Want to get a feel for whether there might be something wrong e.g. with the touchscreen. But seems more a flaw in the UI logic, since to my knowledge there is no "press crown and tap somewhere" gesture. So, if you are pressing the crown, touch should be ignored.

I wonder if people who wear their watch on the right hand, with crown to the right (crown to the left just seems WEIRD to me, don't expect it at bottom of watch!), have the same problem but with Weather?

To be clear, I wear it on left hand with crown at the top/right. So, I steady with my right thumb when pressing the crown, as if it is worn loosely, it flops around too much if you just press the crown without steadying.


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Mar 12, 2011
Lansdale, PA, USA
Well, maybe a photo of your thumb is in order... do you have really big fingers? ;)

I could see larger fingers pressing on the screen when using two fingers to press the crown. You could try pressing crown without grabbing Watch. If the band is not to loose, that works here.


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Apr 23, 2010
It's just there in the lower lefthand corner, because it is there by default,
Choose a different watch face. There are literally dozens of different ones. Choose something that works both for your "user experience" and complication requirements. It's all very configurable.


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Mar 23, 2009
I honestly think this is nothing more than ‘user error’

Apple once tried this excuse. Remember AntennaGate? It didn't sit well with users.

It's not user error to steady the watch with your thumb while pushing the crown. It should be EXPECTED BEHAVIOR.

If the crown is pushed, touch should be ignored. To my knowledge, there are no gestures that involve pressing the crown and touching the screen at the same time. Please correct me if I am wrong.
When pressing the crown my right thumb rests on the lower left corner of my watch. No issues

I'm curious... what series watch?

I suspect it is primarily a Series 4 issue, because the face active area goes closer to the edge.
Put the sunrise/sunset complication in that corner. It's useful information and it's not clickable. Problem solved.

Thank you! This is how I solved it. I do not use the timer, and if I ever wanted to, I can select it from the list. Which I can now easily bring up without getting the unwanted *&^%$#! timer!
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