timestamps for each SMS?

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  1. tuna macrumors 6502

    Apr 11, 2010
    With a regular unhacked iPhone, is there a way to enable timestamps for each text message? Or to be able to view the timestamps in any way, even in iTunes or something like that?

    Its one small annoyance that I've had with my iPhone. On my last phone, I often referred to the records of when I had received texts. If the text came from another person on my cell phone provider, I was even able to see when the person had sent the text, so I could see if it had taken a long time to get to me.

    Its especially annoying because I am convinced that the iPhone doesn't even timestamp every 15 minutes, it only makes a new timestamp if there hasn't been a text at all in the last 15 minutes (or some relatively long amount of time). So text conversations have gone on for hours without timestamps, and by then there's no way of figuring out when I actually got the texts.

    Yes I did a search and nothing from the past 2 years talks about this issue. Maybe there has been a solution since then, or maybe there is a solution in iPhone OS 4?
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    Nothing different yet.
    It timestamps whenever it feels like.

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