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    Tiny City Runner Update!

    Hello! How's everybody doing?
    Here to give you the latest news!

    Tiny City Runner Update has just hit the App Store! Update contains now 15 tracks for FREE!
    These tracks offer much more challenge. Also, you can now share scores in Facebook!
    GET TINY CITY RUNNER HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/app/tiny-city-runner/id584801744?mt=8

    Next update is already on the way. We are updating graphics and adding some new music/sounds. So basically we are improving the whole atmosphere of the game. It really looks and feels MUCH more better. This update will be out soon. I'm really excited about it! In the meantime, go and play the new tracks! And remember to give us some feedback! Are the new tracks too easy (not possible)? Too hard?

    Thanks, take care!

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