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    tinyCalc 2.0 is now available!

    What sets tinyCalc for Apple Watch apart?

    - design that does a better job of preventing accidental button presses
    - ability to customize the Magic Buttons to use any scientific calculator function; a full scientific calculator without scrolling through pages of functions

    On top of that, we're proud of our app and widget for iPhone and iPad, and have recently updated that as well. You get it all for $0.99 USD! Below you'll find the full description. Thanks!

    tinyCalc is a custom calculator app & widget for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Full-featured, yet simple, tinyCalc syncs seamlessly between all of your devices.

    The NEW tinyCalc for Apple Watch features all of tinyCalc's functionality, plus a unique new design that takes full advantage of the platform.

    The tinyCalc app for iPhone and iPad allows you to see all of your functions- no need to rotate your phone to get to everything, and the minimalistic design lets you focus on what matters.

    Widgets should be compact, but comfortable to use. The tinyCalc widget was designed with this in mind.

    Work in the app on an iPhone or iPad, in the widget, or on your Apple Watch- whatever you do syncs between them all. You can even customize the buttons, so, from students to professionals, tinyCalc is the calculator for everybody.

    "This custom calculator has a lot going for it." -AppAdvice

    User testimonials:

    "tinyCalc is fast [...] almost every calculator I've ever tried for my iPhone or iPad has been slow as molasses."

    "I have an iPhone 6 plus and I love [having] the calculator on the lower half of the screen which makes it easy to use with one hand."

    "Great for most purposes. Love the widget function!"


    - exclusively for Apple Watch, the most portable version of tinyCalc yet
    - widget works without even unlocking your device on iPhone and iPad
    - all standard scientific calculator functions
    - customizable buttons, including the Magic Buttons
    - move functions to the Magic Buttons and they appear there in the widget as well on Apple Watch
    - open app from anywhere by tapping the top area of the widget
    - copy/paste the currently typed number
    - shake to undo in the app
    - settings include:
    > degree/radian modes and optional animations
    > 8 great themes
    > move the numpad to the bottom to make tinyCalc more like traditional calculators

    Please note: tinyCalc is a simple, single-step/immediate execution calculator. You will have to keep this in mind to preserve order of operations (ex. 1+2*3 = 9, but 3*2+1 = 7). The one exception is the '%' function, which allows for tip calculation (ex. 100 + 20% = 120). We are considering adding an option for formula calculation in the future!

    If you love tinyCalc, we would love if you left a good review. We'll never bother you to do so with pop-ups or ads while you're using the app!

    tinyCalc is made by DiNiCo, an independent software company in Boston, MA, USA.

    Follow us on Twitter at @tinyCalc, and let us know if you have questions or concerns! If you find any issues, we'll aim to fix them in the next update! Thanks for downloading our app!


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    watches and keyboards alike have a certain layout for a certain reason and it has remained this way for ever. No offense if this is your app, but if i am trying to quickly get a number I would not go to this app to do that, I wound use a traditional calculator. This app saves time when you learn to use it(is an argument i feel coming), well if everyone already knows the original calculator and the average time to do the daily calculation is say ~2 seconds is .5 seconds faster going to really make a difference if you adapt to the learning curve?

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