Tip regarding starting over with MobileMe calendar syncing.

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    Here's a story about MobileMe syncing problems. Thought I would share in case anyone else finds themselves in a silimar situation.

    Around 11:00 last night I dragged a Holidays calendar file which I downloaded from a website into iCal thinking it would create a new calendar...instead I clicked too fast and before i knew it I added all of these new entries into one of my existing calendars. Unfortunately, there was no undo option. And mobile me started auto-syncing. Now all my calendars were messed up. Oh no.

    Around 12:30 AM I realized that I just needed to start over. So fortunately I have a backup of my iCal that i made last week. My plan was to wipe out mobile me, restore ical from my backup, and resync using the advanced option that allows me to overwrite what is on mobile me. So I go to mobile me webs site and delete all the calendars. Then i restore my iCal backup but the second I do that mobileme syncs and replaces iCal with the empty calendars from mobileme. I was stuck on this for a long time...tried to disable all the syncing options in system preferences and messed around with advanced options which are supposed to overwrite mobileme with the calendars on my computer.

    Finally, I contacted Apple using Express Lane chat at 2:00 AM and got the solution. I exported each of my calendars from my iCal backup. I have eight calendars so I had eight separate files. In iCal I confirmed that I was in my mobileme calendar (mobileme heading (xxxxxx@me.com)) I created a new blank calendar for each of my calendars. I confirmed that the new calendar was also being created on the mobileme website. Then, I had to drag each calendar file onto one of the blank calendars. That did it. My calendar backups were uploading to mobileme. Took some time to recreate all eight of my calendars but eventually my mobileme was back to normal.

    I was impressed with Express Lane, I had not heard of it before but it was a big help. Very knowledgeable person on the other end of the chat.
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    This is actually on Apple's support site talking about migrating calendars into the new MM Calendar. My only concern is that once I migrate all of my On My Mac calendars into the MM heading on iCal, is it really safe to leave it at that? With all of the stories of MM not working or deleting events on its own, is it a reliable service to trust to keep all your calendars intact without exporting them every week or so to back them up?

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