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    You know those smaller scrollable areas on a browser page? Such as the embedded edit window you get when you are using the ipad or iphone to edit a long post here on the forum?

    iOS has done away with scroll bars, which gives the impression that there is no way to scroll those embedded frames. This forum has icons which enable you to expand the size of the edit field, so it's not a problem here. But many sites have scrollable areas and no icons for expanding. I've just been running into a few and it's been somewhat frustrating

    Fortunately I've found that there is a nice way to do it. You can drag those areas with two fingers and scroll them quite easily.

    That's my tip.

    Now this works great, but is very hidden. I'm guessing many users will never find this solution, and be left frustrated.

    I think it would be much more intuitive (even if sometimes trickier) for those embedded areas to scroll with one finger scrolling, just like the main window (but independently)

    Other thoughts?

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