Tips and Hints for iPod beginners

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    1. Reset the iPod: Resetting the iPod can solve the great mass of problem. Here is how to reset the iPod:
    a) Connect your iPod to the electrical outlet via iPod power adapter.
    b) Enable the "Hold" switch, and then turn off the iPod (Set it as "Hold" and turn off it).
    c) Finally, have button "Play/Pause" and button "Menu" pressed at the same time for at least 5 seconds.
    d) Do not release them until the Apple Logo is displayed.

    2. It is unable to turn off the iPod or there is no response:
    a) Make sure you do not execute the hold function of the iPod.
    b) If you are using the Apple iPod Remote, ensure the hold function of the remote control is not active.
    c) If the problem can not be solved by those ways above, please connect your iPod to the electrical outlet. Maybe the battery need to be charged up.
    d) If the problem still remains, try to reset your iPod.
    e) If all ways above can not fix the problem, You should recover the software of iPod. To download updates of the software, you need to visit the official website of Apple.

    3. Watch movies and videos on your iPod:
    a) iPod is designed not only to play music but also videos and movies. For it is small and light, you can enjoy movies at anywhere and anytime with the iPod.
    b) iPod supports MPEG-4 and H.264 video files, whose extension are both .MP4 .

    4. The iPod can not play the music:
    a) Ensure the hold function is not active.
    b) Ensure the hold function is disabled when you are using the Apple iPod remote.
    c) Make sure the earphone has been plugged in completed and engage well.
    d) The volume should be turned up to a proper level.
    e) If all ways above are ineffective, it may be that your iPod is suspended. Please press the button "Play/Pause".

    5. There is no response when the iPod is connected to the computer:
    a) Ensure your computer and software are compatible to the iPod.
    b) The iPod maybe needs to be reset. Please follow the steps in Tip-1 above to have your iPod reset.
    c) If you are using Windows PC, please launch the Musicmatch Jukebox, and then click "File"->"Download files to portable devices". You should see that the icon of iPod is shown in the device dialog.
    d) Check the cable connection. Unplug the cable from the iPod as well as the computer. Ensure the firewire port and USB port are clear. Re-plug the cable back into the iPod and the computer firm. Please use cables and power adapters produced by Apple Corporation. Otherwise, you may meet incompatibility.
    e) Re-boot your computer if ways above are no effect.
    f) If the problem still can be not fixed, it is recommended you to recover the software of the iPod. You can download updates of the iPod softwares from the official website of Apple Corporation.
    g) To get more information about this problem, it is advisable to visit the technical support website of Apple Corporation.

    6. The Apple iPod Remote does not work:
    a) Ensure the hold function of the remote control is disabled.
    b) Check that the iPod Remote has been plugged into the iPod firm and the earphone has been connected to the remote control well.
    c) Tip: Apple iPod Remotes are attached with some model of iPods. Surely you can purchase the iPod Remote from Apple authorized agencies and service provider as well.

    7. The speed of music transmission is slow:
    a) If the connection between the iPod and the computer is USB 1.1 , please try firewire or USB 2.0 instead, for the speed of USB 1.1 are greatly slower than firewire and USB 2.0 . To obtain more detail information, please refer to the official website of Apple.

    8. Support audio formats of iPod.
    a) MP3 (Up to 320kb/s)
    b) AAC
    c) WAV
    d) AA
    e) AIFF

    9. Audio Encoding:
    a) If the audio files adopt AIFF or WAV encoding, they will take enormous space for storing. It is recommended to convert music to MP3. When you transmit audio files from Audio CD to iPod via iTunes, the default audio encoding is MP3 format.
    b) The MPEG Layer 1 (M PEG-1) and MPEG Layer 2 (MPEG-2) audio formats are not supported by iPod.

    10. Update softwares of the iPod:
    a) To improve the capability of iPod and add more functions, Apple Corporation releases updates of softwares of iPod from time to time. Visit Apple website to download the latest update.
    b) If the iPod connected to the computer can not be recognized by the update program, please reset the iPod.
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    It might be nice to show where you got all this information....usually copying and pasting information without showing the source is called plagiarism.

    I googled one section of your Tips and Hints and found the article:

    Maybe just giving that link would have been better.
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    oh, this article as well as the one you find in google are both written by another staff (William Jones) of our company. The initial source is
    Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.
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    just a heads-up: your company's site does not render properly either in safary or in opera. you may want to fix that.

    also, in case you plan to promote your company products on these boards i'd advise you to put a note in your signature relating you to your company/product, as people don't appreciate disguised marketing in general. in case you don't plan to promote then ignore the above, and have a good day.

    ed: i'll make sure to check your converter. is it x264-based?

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