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    Hey guys. I've been searching on here for a while now looking for tips and tricks to making switching from a PC to Mac a little easier. In a few days my new 12" iBook will come in and Im curious to know if there are any tips and tricks you guys know to make my transition a bit more easy? I've searched on here and only found broad answers like, take your pc to a Apple Store and have them transfer your files for you, but I know there have to be other things you guys have figured out by actualy switching. So leave me your suggestions. Thanks. :D
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    The switch pages on Apple's site here are pretty useful in terms of explaining how Apple do things differently in a very user friendly way.

    There are sections on how the Mac looks and where buttons you expect to find in Windows are, how to migrate your files over and how to use your old Windows peripherals.

    The Macrumors Starter Guide thread is also a very useful thread for information.
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    I just officially switched at home a few months ao. Dell is powered off in the corner. The biggest thing I needed to do was figure out which mac versions of software were comparable to what I was using on my PC (newsgroup reader for example). The other fun thing was moving my Outlook messages to Entourage on the mac. I did find a useful post on exporting to Thinderbird on Windows and then copying and importing those files over to the mac. Worked well. I love my PowerMac...

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