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    *Featured by Apple in the "New & Noteworthy" section!

    Just think, how many mistakes we make in our life. Most of them we can avoid by learning at other mistakes. It will be great, if we know what is a correct behavior in each situation, isn't it? We think about it, and developed application which includes experiences by people in all the world. Tips for M & W helps in you in 4 greates areas of life:rest, work, sport and relationship. In our you will find tips about how save your money, how get good job, what is the best places for vocation, what is the main differents between man and women - how solve these conflict and much, much more.

    This app will give you tips for any sittuation. Know - means to be armed.

    Additionally for unique content you will get:
    ✓ Any device supported (including iPad)
    ✓ Fully retina display support
    ✓ iOS 5 optimization



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