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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Laurencia7, Mar 24, 2012.

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    So after two years of my Macbook usage from migrating from an old PC, I have some tips for both old and new Macbook users. These can be taken with a grain of salt, or you can ask questions or follow them if you would like.

    Most of my tips are to keep the polycarb body from experiencing the "crackbook" effect that I have recently had to endure. Prevention is the key to keeping these polycarb bodies like new. Something I wish I had read before I started using mine. Again, these are just tips I am giving, it's my opinion on prevention tactics to keep your polycarb body in better condition.

    First tip:

    Get a Hard Cover case, and make sure it's for the version macbook you have (Early 2009---Present) Speck cases are cute, and guarnteed...but they are expensive. Plus they do not fit the older macbook bodies. Mine, for example is a Macbook 5,2 Early 2009. Speck no longer makes cases for these early models. However, places like TOP case on and EBay China retailers do. They are much more reasonable, but you need to find the right one. Be sure to find the model number Macbook you have, and ask questions from the retailer.

    Speck (Late 2009-Present Models)
    iPearl/TOP Case (Only Known Early 2006-Early 2009 Model Cases)
    Zagg (Clear cases/skins. These are expensive, but last long have a lifetime guarantee, they are also complicated to install)
    eBay Retailers (cheaper, but long shipping, and review to come later)

    Second Tip:
    Skins. Whether or not people are fans of these, is up to you. But I found mine did well in longevity, and helped prevent the Splintering on the Top case in my macbook. They also keep the white body very clean, and free of scratches. Some companies sell whole sets, and others just the lid graphics. There are hundreds of styles, and designs. But they do prevent scratching. They also add style to your mac, though some do not have the apple logo cutout because of copyright issues.

    iCarbons (Inner, Lid, and Bottom of all models of Macbooks)
    SkinIt (Lid coverage, with many styles)
    GelaSkins (Lid designs only)
    DecalGirl (Inside Tope case, and Outer Lid)
    MacStyleSkins (Outer Lid, Inner Case, and Bottom...sold separately)
    DecalsRUs (Whole set, Outer Lid, Inner Case, and Monitor Casing)

    Third Step:

    Keyboard Skins. This is a debatable topic. Some say they prevent heat from circulating in your macbook, others say they work great, use your own judgement. From my experience, heavy use of the white macbook keyboard leaves shiny impressions on the keys. It's not bad, but it's not attractive. These silicone key covers keep the user from scrapping the casing off the keys. They come in a variety of colors, and prices.
    If you experience them getting to hot, remove the cover. The covers fit all macbook, imac, etc keyboard models.

    Amazon Listings

    Fourth Step:
    Bags. If you are going to carry it around, like I do, get a bag! Those sleeves are not enough protection. This bag is waterproof, and has been in invaluable to me. There are many bags, but choose ones with cushions in the inside, and pockets for other devices. You won't be sorry. Walmart bags work in a pinch, but aren't always cheaper, or better.

    Belkin Sling Bag

    Fifth Step:
    Close lid carefully. Whether or not this prevents the cracks in the outer, or inner casing is yet to be determined. But Advice given to me was the easier the lid is closed, the less cracks appear. To prevent above image.

    If your TOP CASE is splintering (image above), they will replace that free of charge because it's a defect. However the outer case is not replaceable. It holds the circuit boards, and they are leery that cracks in it aren't user error. I unfortunately know this from recent experience. This article may help you, if you see your tope case splintering.


    Sixth Step:
    If all else fails, and you are like me and hate the cosmetic defects, trade it in. I don't have the money right now to buy the aluminum cased macbook pros, but I heard even they scratch, and would need some prevention tactics.

    Again, these tips are just my opinion and what I have seen that improved the life of my macbook. I wish I had practiced them sooner, but hope this helps newer users, and older ones like me.
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    Thanks, if nothing else it least it gives people ways to find those options. I had to do a lot of research to find them.
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    cool, I'm going from pc to mac [thank god!!][after two pc laptops] I have just bought a mid 2011 bought macbook [not pro] and was wondering if you could post some good links for buying cases, screen guards, cases etc. cheers

    :apple:32gb 4th gen iPod touch
    coming :apple: 2010 macbook 13" 2gb RAM 2.4 ghtz dualcore lion

    gay acer laptop almost sold
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    Might want to look into what you bought... there is no 2011 macbook. There are 2011 Macbook pro's and 2011 macbook air's but the macbook line has been discontinued.

    Also, the problems posted in this thread have no real effect on the new macbook's (except for the bag which is always a good idea). Newer macbook models (well pro's and airs as I mentioned) are made out of one chunk of aluminium so don't have the cracking issues the old ones had.

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