Tips for Outlook 2007 Users

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    Like many of you here, I have had many problems getting calendars and contacts to work, and even show up in Outlook 2007 with MobileMe. After spending a few hours today, I finally got everything working so I wanted to share what I did so maybe it will help others.

    1. Backup your contacts in case this doesn't work.
    2. Delete all the contacts and/or contact groups in Outlook 2007.
    3. Reset the MobileMe sync and have MobileMe do a clean sync with your contacts.
    4. In the contacts area in Outlook 2007, create a new contact, enter some info, and save. All your contacts on MobileMe should appear.
    5. The same with the calendars, just delete what you can and go to File, and create a new calendar and the sync should show up.
    I hope that works for you. I can't guarantee it will work, but I had some success so maybe you will too.
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    Thanks. The only thing that didn't work for me was the calendar. Now it is working.

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