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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Prodo123, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hi :)

    I've started a new photography club at my school since we didn't have one. I've gathered a lot of people fairly quickly and now that school's in session, we'll be meeting for an hour every week. I think I need some tips on what kind of activities would be suitable for such a club.
    I started with a weekly critique session but I think that'll wear out pretty quickly, so could you guys help me come up with ideas on what we can do?

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    Guest Speakers: Most established photographers are nice people and will make time to talk to a club.

    Link to an established photo club, and take advantage of some of their activities.

    Organize a show on a theme. Try to stay away from the bored and cliche "sunset", "family" etc. find a verse from literature etc. I helped organize a very successful show on the theme "Through a glass darkly". We combined photographers and writers for that one.

    Good Luck.
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    Field trips are cool. But the club may have to do them outside school/class time so the school does not have the legal responsibility for providing transport and chaperons. Much depends on what is nearby where you live. Candidates always can be parks (city, county, state, national), interesting architectural sites like old buildings in the country (barns and farm houses) or city (government buildings, buidings will classic architecture like neo classic or art deco). And of course there are zoos and amusement parks.

    But any outting or field trip has to be well planned and chaperoned by adults if it is for minors. Talk to the club sponsor.
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    Have some people come in and talk. My camera club is working with the local high schools and we are teaching the students all about photography from the fundamentals to shooting in black and white to architecture.
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    Thank you!
    I'll contact the Princeton Photography Club to see if they can help us with stuff.

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